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Corpus Christi Primary School recently engaged Nicola Evans from the Formfile/Tidy Files team to do an annual review of their current files and archived materials. Nicola and Tidy Files have been assisting Corpus Christi Primary School with their records for the last 4 years and provide records management support based on their knowledge of the Education Industry.


Nicola reviewed 2016 records over two days and collated and catalogued them by type of file and destruction date. The files range from financial records and general school Admin; to student records and school curriculum; each file type requiring a different retention period. Nicola’s experience within the Education Industry allows her to quickly identify types of records and their respective retention periods. The files designated for retention were then packed into Tidy Files boxes and prepared for long term storage.


The archive spreadsheet was updated to assist the Corpus Christi team to quickly and efficiently retrieve their archived materials.

Formfile delivered secure destruction bins to site and older archived materials were reviewed for destruction. The unwanted files were securely destroyed and the pulped material recycled into cardboard and recycled paper; ensuring that the process remained both confidential and environmentally friendly.


Jenni Warren from the Corpus Christi School said. “I don’t know how we survived before Nicola and Formfile/Tidy Files, what used to be an arduous task is now worry free and seamless.”

Jenni Warren - Corpus Christi Primary School, Weeribee VIC



In April 2008, our school installed an archiving / storage solution in our school, by Intraspace/Tidy Files. We still currently have the same system which has worked well for us as it has been annually maintained personally by Nicola Evans (last visit 2017).


Nicola has been most professional in her manner and manages her time spent with us most efficiently during her annual visits. She comes in, works quietly and autonomously without demand, sorting, culling and archiving the boxes of miscellaneous paperwork I give her. On completion, within a few short days Nicola sends out a catalogue of current archiving and list of items due for destruction. They too are picked up promptly for destruction.


Nicola is very knowledgable and adheres to the rules relating to retention of records with regards to the Education Industry.

In brief the service Nicola performs is professional, efficient and economical and I would not hesitate to personally recommend her services to anyone.

Caroline - School Administration Officer



It's been an absolute pleasure working with Nicola.  I had been putting off tackling the Archive room, knowing the files had been let go in the last 4 or 5 years, but Nicola came in and worked wonders in just a few days.  Now I can get on with business and feel confident that our archives are well organised and we can keep the system going in the future.  Thanks

Melissa Bonavia - Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Sunbury



When faced with the daunting task of emptying my mum's retirement villa of a lifetime of memories and possessions and sorting through everything for shipping to 2 different destinations in just over a week I was without a doubt that it couldn't be achieved alone.


Nicola was with me every step of the way , guiding me and helping me to make difficult decisions about what to keep and what to let go, without passing judgement.

I would like to recommend her for for her professionalism ,friendliness, her wealth of knowledge of organizing solutions.Thanks so much Nicola!

Linda Main - Wanganui, New Zealand



When I first saw the brochure for Sort It Now, I thought this is the kind of service I have been looking for as I was totally bogged down with an unorganised and untidy office and I just could not seem to get on top of things. I was not disappointed as at our first initial planning meeting, I could see that Nicola had a lot of experience and was totally professional and this was important to me given the sensitivity of a lot of our documents.


Nicola was patient and thorough throughout the whole process and was non-intrusive, making suggestions at every opportunity and was conscious of our budgetary restraints. We worked well together and it was great to see how much she loved filing and the final result is a spacious and organised office and all products are user friendly and compact.


I can highly recommend Sort It Now to help save anyone time and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you once again.

Janet Kirker – Kirker Consulting



I have recently completed a PhD and also work from home. In the final years of study my office had become a real mess of: early thesis drafts; many boxes of research papers; work-related files; and the usual documents, art work and toys found in any home where there are young children. Yes, it was all in my office! I promised myself that as soon as I finished my PhD I would get some help to sort out the house.


The other problem was that I had been taking up valuable home real estate for too long and my older two children had been sharing a bedroom. It was time for me to merge offices with my husband who also had a room in the house to work in, so that each child had their own room.


I did not know where to start, but after an initial contact with Sort It Now, a plan was drawn up by Nicola which logically set out how to undo the gridlock at home. I quickly realised that the best way to approach it was to have Nicola work alongside me, rather than leave it to me to do it all on my own.


Nicola would come and work for up to six intensive hours at a time. This meant that we could complete a room in one or two days, which was very satisfying. I would not have worked as hard and seen such quick results if I was on my own. Nicola helped me sort every item and piece of paper! Although it was very hard work, it was very enjoyable because of Nicola’s professional approach and skills in working with people in the very personal environment of your own home. Also, Nicola’s commitment to finishing the job properly was a good example to this client!


There were other benefits too which impacted on other areas of the house. Each bedroom was de-cluttered and furniture was rearranged. The storage cupboard in the hallway was redesigned at minimal cost. A new compact filing system replaced the old metal cabinets.


It was fantastic to have Nicola take us through such a daunting task as she was able to re-group all our home and office items and set up new systems by re-using most of our existing furniture and storage. Each bedroom and the study works really well now and we are all maintaining the de-cluttering principles which we picked up from Nicola.

Cathy Hughes – Brighton East VIC



Thank you so much for your expertise, patience and amazing organisational skills. Without you I wouldn't have had a hope in achieving what we did and nowhere as well as you have done. Thank you so much. Look forward to next time.

Menaka Borshmann, Mornington VIC



Thank you again for your week spent with us.


Mum is over the moon about the place and she said 'now it feels like her space'. She finished cleaning out those two small cabinets by the dining table and is incredibly proud of all her efforts, as she should be.


It's so great to see all the space in the house return to being useable and items within it accessible.


I am sure we will see you again Mum found you to have such a great approach to the process. You were methodical, patient, considerate, focused (and kept us focused), hard working and kind.

Nadine Borshmann - Mornington VIC



Thanks again for the mini makeover last week. It inspired me to open my other cupboards and start again.

Nerada Stern, inDemand – Caulfield South VIC



Amazing! I can actually enter my home office now without tripping over an open guillotine and some dry dead body (of an insect). The stuff is labelled and I feel like I know where everything is... THANK YOU

Eddie Tsyrlin, Butterfly Adventures – Carnegie VIC



I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the end or near end result of the shelving and rearranging of the Archives. It has totally transformed the room and access is now so easy! Secondly, all the people involved were fantastic to work with. They were efficient, professional, friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them. Please pass on my gratitude to them all.


Thanks you again and I look forward to more business with your firm in the future.

Ann Hawker – Archivist, Fintona Girls’ School, Balwyn VIC



Thank you so much for yesterday, those cupboards were driving me crazy and I am so happy with what we achieved. The Op shop was thrilled with the items we donated today I also let them know there is more to come. My husband was so excited to see progress that he told me to keep getting you to help me as long as I need.

Karen Cavello – Epping VIC



Thank you so very much for all your encouragement and hard work, it’s really made a huge amount of difference.  The house looks so much better, fresher, freer, easier and the cupboards look magnificent.  I thoroughly enjoy my house now.

Helen McKebrey – Box Hill South, VIC



Thanks Nicola.  I am so happy with what we have achieved.  The place looks fantastic.  I can’t thank you enough for your help.  Will be in touch next time we need to sort out our lives.

Kate O’Farrell – Elwood, VIC



Thanks again for your help yesterday.  There is no way I would have parted with all that history without your help.  I can't believe how appealing my wardrobe looks - it's so fresh and alive!

Grace Morrison - Glen Iris, VIC



Thank you so much for the AMAZING job you did yesterday - what you do really makes a difference in people's lives and I'm happy to inform you a lovely dinner was enjoyed around the newly discovered dinner table and Liz and the boys clearly enjoyed this experience!  Thank you again for facilitating this amazing transformation in Liz's home!  For someone who struggles a little myself, it was amazing to watch you in action.

Robert Boyce - Berwick, VIC



Thanks for sharing your organisational genius with me.  Your easy step-by-step approach to each room dissolved my feelings of total overwhelm.  That feeling of overwhelm has been replaced with a sense of control and the ability to manage my lives as a Mother, wife, housekeeper, bookeeper, business woman . . the list goes on.  In a few years time whe life circumstances will inenvitably tale me to new places and roles, I would lie to invite you into my home again to weave your common sense majic.  In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy my new life as an organised person with more time to spend doing the things I want.

Elise Tiedgen - Kew East, VIC



Thanks for everything.  I love having everything so organised . . I can actually find stuff now.  I actually enjoyed the process too.

Emily Polak - M3 Dancehouse, Caulfield South, VIC