Paper Management & Workflow

Manage all Your Paperwork with Effective Systems to Keep it Flowing In, Through & Out!

Sort It Now specialises in document management solutions and can help you streamline and manage both your paper and digital files, so you can focus on what’s important.  

We can review all your incoming, active and reference files and create the structure and system that will keep your paperwork flowing!

Do you struggle to:

  • find important papers you need – when you need them?
  • file paperwork effectively?
  • tell the difference between what you should hold onto – and what you should let go?
  • access discounts by paying bills on time – every time?
  • remember dates and times of important appointments and events?

At Sort It Now, we understand and we help you make a difference.

Don’t worry about losing important documents.

Don’t waste money on late payment fees.

Don’t risk letting people down by missing important events.

Don’t know where to start?

Do contact Sort It Now – we have the solution that’s right for you!

Your Sort It Now professional organising and productivity expert helps you:

be more productive

streamline your filing process

reduce stress 

take control of your paperwork

manage incoming and outgoing mail easily and efficiently

save money

access more free time

clear your mind

enjoy stress-free living

Scanning & Archiving Important Documents

Be confident in knowing you can access your important documents precisely when needed

Sort It Now specialises in full document management solutions – from handling your active documents to creation of filing and archive systems for retention of your important historical documents.

Are you:

  • Struggling with the sheer volume of paperwork that is taking up your valuable office space?
  • Unable to access files in cabinets as they are completely disorganised or stuffed to over-capacity?
  • Finding that your cabinets contain documents that you think should have been destroyed long ago?
  • Wasting time searching for important documents because you have a dysfunctional or no system for simple retrieval?
  • Concerned that confidential information might be easily accessed by unauthorised people?

Save time, space and stress with support for all your document management needs:

  • Paper Documents
  • Electronic Documents
  • Filing Systems
  • Scanning
  • Archive Solutions
  • Storage Design & Supply
  • Easy Retrieval
  • Secure Destruction of Paper & Media
  • Compliance with Regulations

If any of these file management issues are affecting you then we can provide the right solution to suit your needs:

Creation of Filing systems for all your active paper and electronic documents for easy access and sharing

Full audit of your old documents

Practical support to sort through all your old documents to determine what needs to be retained, archived or destroyed.

Ensure full compliance with Australian regulatory requirements.

Organise, reference and store your physical paper archive documents to storage area (on-site or off-site)

Arrange for paper documents to be scanned to electronic format for easy search and retrieval.

Advise and arrange for supply of filing supplies including commercial grade storage cabinets and compactus units

Provide regular maintenance service to accommodate newly created documents and secure destruction of old documents

Arrange for commercial secure destruction of old documents

Our full project management service extends to liaising with our trusted partner businesses to provide other services including high volume scanning, secure off-site storage, secure document destruction & commercial rubbish removal.

Suitable for

  • Schools
  • Councils
  • Government Departments
  • Corporate Offices
  • Financial Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Documents
  • Important Collections & more


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