Specialised Digital Organising

Helping you to manage your digital files, reduce email overwhelm and save your photographic memories

Organise your digital files, emails & photo memories so you can find what you need when you need it!

Just because your digital/electronic files may be less visible and take up virtually no physical space, doesn’t mean that disorganisation is any less stressful!  

We are accumulating digital/electronic documents at a constantly increasing rate so it’s important to be able to take back control and find information quickly and easily when you need it.

Your Sort It Now professional organising and productivity expert helps you:

Help to streamline your digital files so you can access from anywhere whilst you are on the go.

Set up secure back-up systems to ensure you don’t lose valuable information

Clear your desktop screen and your head space!

Create an effective filing system for your digital files that works with your paper files

Set up naming conventions for files so you can locate quickly and easily

Protecting your passwords whilst getting them out of your head!

Remove the confusion of multiple similar or duplicate documents

Advice on Apps that can support your specific needs

Basic Training for some software and apps available

Remote decluttering & organising for cloud-based files

Advice on scanners for those wanting to go ‘paperless’ and transfer paper records to electronic format

How to maintain, store and organise your ‘paperless’ system

Email Management

Are you tired of dealing with the constant bombardment of emails in your in-box?  

Dealing with an unsorted, disorganised, expanding email in-box can be time consuming, stressful and demotivating.  

Stop letting your inbox control you! 

It’s time to cut the email clutter so you can focus on the important stuff and find files and information you need quickly and easily.

Your Sort It Now professional organising and productivity expert helps you:

Setup your Email so it’s easy to manage

Manage a backlog of thousands of old emails

Discover how to process email effectively

Gain understanding of different types of emails you receive and how best to handle them

Discover alternate ways to using your inbox as a to-do list!

Locate information and emails easily without timely complex filing

Maintain an empty (or close to it) inbox without constantly checking it

Photo Management

Whether you have physical or digital photos or a plethora or both in a multitude of places, our photos are precious and getting them organised means you can easily find and share your precious memories with friends and family.

Are you worried that your photos on your computer or photo could easily be lost because they are not backed up?

Maybe you are keen to get your photos organised but are simply overwhelmed at embarking on a time-consuming task?

Sort It Now can make the process far easier, and together with our photo organiser specialist can even do much of the hard work for you!

Your Sort it Now professional organiser and our photo organising specialist will help you:

Collate your piles of physical photos, albums and digital photos into organised collections

Store your photos so they can be enjoyed and shared

Take care of scanning physical photos into a digital format so you can create digital albums/movies or printed photo books.

Prevent you from loosing precious memories by establishing a back up system for digital photos.


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