Streamline Your Time

Sort It Now can help you streamline and better manage the time you do have to restore the balance in your life, so you can focus on what you want.
We all lead such busy lives these days, endlessly bombarded by information and the demands of work, family, home and life!
  • Do you feel?
    You are on an endless merry-go-round of stress, frustration and disappointment when it comes to managing your time
  • Your schedule is jam-packed with appointments, meetings, activities and events
  • Unable to make a start on an exciting new project or never seem to complete projects
  • Trapped and exhausted, not being able to relax and recharge your own energy batteries so your health is consequently suffering
  • It’s hard to say ‘no’ to others, often over committing your available time and energy to projects you are not passionate about
  • Family relationships and friendships are suffering, and you would like to embrace more rewarding relationships in your life

Sort It Now will hit the pause button, cut the sense of overwhelm and help you fast-forward to a calmer and more fulfilling life. Our personalised time-management coaching sessions and solutions are designed to work with your personality and style, so you can thrive!

Learn how to take control of your time and schedule

Manage your daily calendar, to-do lists and activities (both home and work)

Implement our proven techniques to tame your calendar chaos and manage your time with ease

Gain clarity by simplifying your thoughts and ideas, removing these ‘tasks’ from your head

Understand your personal time-management style so you can work with it not against it

Build positive and sustainable change for your most precious resources – your time and health

Develop routines and better habits that will help you create permanent change and improve your productivity


Hear from our happy clients

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Step One

Contact Us for Free Discovery Call

Let’s talk about your challenges and how we can help.

Step Two

Full Consultation and Needs Assessment

We will review your space/problem areas, clarify your goals, and discuss an action plan.

Step Three

Go from Clutter to Clarity

Sort It Now will deliver a package with hands-on support and full project management that’s tailored to meet your needs.

Be organised. Be productive.
Be calm. Be in control.

Reduce stress and feel better about your surroundings with professional help from Sort It Now.